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The online resource that supports patients on their treatment journey


MyEntresto is designed to:

  • Reduce the burden of repeat appointments
  • Boost understanding of heart failure
  • Improve adherence to treatment leading to better patient outcomes1

Whether you are prescribing ENTRESTO® (sacubitril/valsartan) for your chronic HFrEF patients, or are supervising their ongoing treatment, ensuring adherence to their medication is critical. Lack of adherence may be because of improvements in the patient’s symptoms, debilitating side-effects or a busy lifestyle.

To support you in empowering your patients to stay on top of their condition and treatment, with the hope of improving adherence, Novartis has developed MyEntresto in partnership with HF patients: a patient portal dedicated to supporting the ENTRESTO community.

Designed to educate patients about their chronic heart failure/chronic HFrEF and explain how ENTRESTO works; by encouraging use of the portal to your patients, you can improve their confidence and understanding around their treatment. In turn, this can help limit decompensations, reduce burden on the healthcare system,2 and save you time.


Access MyEntresto patient portal


Block with the text 'Tell your patients on Entresto all about MyEntresto. Request your leaflets today.' Preview of the patient leaflet.


Block with the text 'MyEntresto for HCPs'. Preview of the Heathcare Professional's guide to MyEntresto.


The MyEntresto portal forms a key part of our support offering to the wider ENTRESTO community, offering 24/7 patient support and resources.


Its key features include:


Preview image of the Entresto Mode of action video.

Mode of action video

A visual demonstration of how ENTRESTO works allowing patients to better understand the need for treatment.

Preview image of the Interactive 3D heart.

Interactive 3D heart

Use this in patient consultation to explain how chronic HFrEF impacts the heart, and how your patient’s treatment will affect them.

Block with the text 'YourChoice Engage'.

YourChoice Engage

Opt-in support programme providing relevant and timely emails directing patients to useful information and resources.

Image featuring 2 Downloadable resources.

Downloadable resources

Allowing your patients to understand their condition and treatment at their own pace.

Image of an example patient.

Patient testimonials

Videos of real patients discussing their experience of diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

Icon of a figure looking at a graph.

Facts and statistics

Educational background information to help ensure your patient is well informed about both their condition and treatment.

Icon of a heart held in a pair of hands.

Tips and advice

Lifestyle modification suggestions, appointment advice and guidance regarding their medication and side effects.


Taken together, the content of the MyEntresto portal aims to increase patient knowledge, breed confidence in their medication and deliver improved adherence. For HCPs, whether prescribers or those supporting patients on treatment, this may mean more meaningful, less frequent appointments and can help to deliver better ENTRESTO patient outcomes.


Click here to access MyEntresto & YourChoice Engage materials, as well as our suite of support materials for you and your patients, on our Resources Page

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HCP, healthcare professional; HF, heart failure; HFrEF, heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.


  1. Aremu TO, et al. Pharmacy (Basel) 2022;10(5):106.
  2. Roche Diagnostics. Breaking the cycle: Tackling late heart failure diagnosis in the UK. Available online at: (Accessed May 2023).
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