The Novartis Health Inequalities Insights Tool (HIIT) brings together a range of datasets to build understanding of the relationship between heart failure and socioeconomic deprivation and to help support local planning and decision-making around heart failure service delivery.

The HIIT seeks to support the goal of reducing health inequalities across the NHS at a national and system level, as encapsulated within the NHS Core20PLUS5 ambition of achieving improved health outcomes for the 20% most deprived population in England. Drawing on deprivation data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the tool maps heart failure outcomes in relation to deprivation at a national and Integrated Care System (ICS) level – providing a breakdown of outcomes data across deprivation quintiles.

The HIIT represents a key example of putting the Novartis Health Inequalities Pledge into action, through a commitment to “collaborate with policymakers and healthcare systems to enable solutions that provide faster diagnosis and earlier intervention for those population groups who are at the greatest risk of ill-health and poor health outcomes.” 1

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HIIT, health inequalities insights tool.


  1. Novartis (2022). Health Inequalities: Time for a new approach. Available at: [Accessed April 2022].
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