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Entresto is indicated in adult patients for treatment of symptomatic chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.1

Heart to Heart is a new podcast series designed for Heart Failure Specialist Nurses. In each episode, we speak to leading Nurses about tackling challenges and invite them to share insights into developments in the field of heart failure.

The Heart to Heart podcast aims to present information about topics such as treatments for chronic HFrEF, guideline updates and the latest research. By presenting this in an easily accessible way, we hope the podcast becomes a valuable resource and creates a supportive community for discussion and debate.

Meet our host

Meet the ‘Heart to Heart’ podcast host Paul Marriott, Professional Relations Manager (PRM) for Novartis’ cardiovascular portfolio.

Working with national organisations and individuals across the UK, Paul has a passion for raising the awareness of Heart Failure and best practice sharing across disease areas.

Throughout this series Paul will be meeting Heart Failure Specialist Nurses who are at the centre of patient care to hear more about how they are overcoming local challenges and finding innovative solutions to ensure all patients receive optimal, individualised treatment in a timely manner.





In this episode, we speak to Carys Barton about the unique role of the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse. She discusses how a holistic approach to treatment and building relationships with patients and their families can help people live better for longer.

Carys also shares her views on the importance of mentorship and how utilising the competency framework can support learning, funding and access to resources.

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In this episode, Diane Taylor from the Wirral discusses why local guidelines have been changed to recognise HFSNs as specialists and to enable them to initiate Entresto. As well as discussing how this was possible, Diane shares her experience of the impact of Entresto on patient outcomes, and why it has led to earlier initiation for eligible symptomatic chronic HFrEF patients.




HFSN Pearl Lesson shares her vast experience across multiple settings on the role that primary care, secondary care and community services play in the effective management of chronic HFrEF. She discusses how this is evolving and why early identification of chronic heart failure is vital. During this episode, Pearl highlights the main symptoms that all clinicians should look out for, shares her experience with Entresto and discusses its impact on patient symptoms.




We meet with Mandie Welch, HFSN within the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board in Wales, to talk about the patient app piloted in her area to support treatment optimisation. Mandie discusses how the app has supported the early initiation and titration of disease-modifying therapies such as Entresto. 

The recommended starting dose of Entresto is one tablet of 49 mg/51 mg twice daily. The dose should be doubled at 2–4 weeks to the target dose of one tablet of 97 mg/103 mg twice daily, as tolerated by the patient. Please refer to the SmPC for the recommended posology and guidance for titrating Entresto.1




Time is essential for chronic HFrEF patients. Meet HFSN Jo Pugh in this episode of the podcast to hear about how her experience with Entresto has given her the confidence to prescribe this to newly diagnosed chronic HFrEF patients. Jo discusses the audit that she has conducted with regards to initiating Entresto in this patient cohort and how this practice is being adopted by the clinical wider team.




In this podcast, Paraic Cliffe, Lead Cardiac Nurse at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals, shares his background in HF and the vast changes in treatment he has witnessed throughout his career. He highlights how pivotal ECHO clinics can be in the early management of HF and how HF nurses can become accredited in ECHO. Paraic explains how patients get referred to the rapid access HF clinic in his hospital, and expands upon his experience with Entresto.




In this podcast, Paul Marriott sits down to interview Dr. John Sharp, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, to find out the mental health support that is available for patients who have a chronic illness. He works with patients with chronic heart failure who are at varying stages along the transplant journey and explains how the psychological wellbeing of patients with a chronic illness can be greatly impacted. Dr. Sharp also discusses the advice he gives to nurses and clinicians to help support and protect the mental health of patients.


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ECHO; electrocardiogram; HCP, healthcare professional; HF, heart failure; HFrEF, heart failure with reduced ejection fraction; HFSN, Heart Failure Specialist Nurse.


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