VOCs are a major burden of SCD1

One or more VOCs requiring a healthcare visit in a given year has been associated with an increased risk of death at an earlier age2

Survival in sickle cell anaemia (HbSS) by severe pain crises requiring an emergency department (ED) visit/hospitalisation in the past year:2


This analysis included 264 adult patients with HbSS followed for a median of ~5 years in the United States (The Bethesda Sickle Cell Cohort Study, 2001–2007)2

  • VOCs were defined as patient-reported ED visit or hospitalisation for pain treatment in the 12 months prior to enrollment2
  • VOCs were associated with death at a younger age: 66.2 years for patients with no VOCs in the past year and 55.8 years for patients with ≥1 VOCs in the past year (p=0.04)2


Abbreviations: ED, emergency department; HbSS, sickle cell anaemia; SCD, sickle cell disease; VOCs, vaso-occlusive crises.


  1. Conran N, et al. Hemoglobin. 2009;33(1):1–16.
  2. Darbari DS, et al. PLoS One. 2013;8(11):e79923. 
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