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Unravel the science of the damage caused by SCD

The driving mechanism that causes complications in patients with SCD goes beyond red blood cells (RBCs)and includes anaemia, vaso‑occlusive crises (VOCs), fatigue and infections.1–7 Vaso‑occlusion is largely driven by multicellular adhesion, which itself is a result of the chronic inflammatory state of the blood vessels of people with SCD8

For more information and support on treating your patients with SCD you may like to visit:

National Haemoglobinopathy Panel (NHP)

Provide ‘on request’ expert and evidence‑based advice to clinicians on the management of adults and children with SCD, thalassaemia and rare inherited anaemias in the UK

The Sickle Cell Society (SCS)

Support and represent people affected by SCD to improve their overall quality of life. They have a number of planned activities throughout the year and online resources available for patients to learn more about their condition and provide support


Abbreviations: NHP, National Haemoglobinopathy Panel; RBC, red blood cell; SCD, sickle cell disease; SCS, The Sickle Cell Society; VOCs, vaso-occlusive crises.


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