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Explore our resources developed to help you support your patients with BRAF+ NSCLC who have been prescribed Tafinlar + Mekinist.

Please do not direct patients to this page as this Novartis page is intended for healthcare professionals only. You can download files under ‘resources for patients’ and share these with your patients.

Please note that these patient resources should only be provided to patients with BRAF+ NSCLC who have been prescribed treatment with Tafinlar and Mekinist.


A detailed guide for HCPs on Tafinlar and Mekinist, taken from SmPCs. Includes information on the clinical trial data (efficacy and safety), dosage and administration and management of key side effects.



An overview of how to manage pyrexia in your BRAF+ NSCLC patients who are receiving treatment with Tafinlar + Mekinist.



This guide has been developed to provide your patients with further information on their treatment. It includes information on how to take the medicines, possible side effects to be aware of and a treatment diary to help patients document information.

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A downloadable alert card for patients who are receiving Tafinlar + Mekinist combination therapy for the treatment of NSCLC. Patients can provide this card to their healthcare professional to inform them of the medication they are taking.

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This dosing wheel is a tool for patients who are receiving combined Tafinlar + Mekinist therapy. It enables patients to work out when they should take their medication, based on their mealtimes.



For more information on Tafinlar + Mekinist please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflets.


GB SmPC and PIL  for Tafinlar  

GB SmPC and PIL for  Mekinist 

NI SmPC and PIL for Tafinlar

NI SmPC and PIL for Mekinist



GB, Great Britain; NI, Northern Ireland; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer, PIL, Patient Information Leaflet, SmPC Summary of Product Characteristics.


  1. Tafinlar (dabrafenib) Summary of Product Characteristics.
  2. Mekinist (trametinib) Summary of Product Characteristics
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