This MPN Leaders Programme combines education and theory, with opportunities to share and discuss real-world experience with experts and peers. It aims to:


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Build education and understanding of the science of MPN to support your future career in MPN
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Gain an understanding of the key roles of professionals within the multidisciplinary team and explore how to establish your role and support engagement within the team
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Allow for clinical data review and exchange of experiences in a supportive environment
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Create networks and connections to support career guidance in the field of MPN

The programme consists of three educational and interactive events:

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MPN Expert Meeting

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Multidisciplinary Team Workshop

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BSH Congress and Clinical Discussion Evening Meeting


Please view the programme curriculum for further details of each of these meetings.

The MPN Leaders Programme is organised and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd and is classed as promotional under the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code. Prescribing information will be available throughout the programme for all Novartis brands mentioned. Participation in the programme will be funded by Novartis (delegate travel, accommodation and reasonable expenses will be covered in the event of a face-to-face meeting). The Steering Committee has been offered an honorarium for their involvement in this programme.

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