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Screenshot of fact sheet for the ARGON study

Fact sheet for the Argon study: GESSNER C et al. 2020

Non-inferiority of high-dose IND/GLY/MF (once-daily) vs concurrent administration of high-dose SAL/FLU (twice-daily) + TIO (once-daily) in terms of AQLQ score.1



Screenshot of fact sheet for the QUARTZ study

Fact sheet for the Quartz study: Kornmann O et al. 2020

Efficacy and safety of inhaled once-daily low-dose indacaterol acetate/mometasone furoate (IND/MF) in patients with inadequately controlled asthma: Phase III randomised QUARTZ study findings.2



Screenshot of Fact sheet for Azzie 2017

Fact sheet for AZZI E et al. 2017

Practice makes perfect: self-reported adherence a positive marker of inhaler technique maintenance3



Screenshot for Fact sheet for Buhl 2019

Fact sheet for BUHL R et al. 2019

One-year follow-up of asthmatic patients newly initiated on treatment with medium- or high-dose long-acting beta2-agonist/inhaled corticosteroid (LABA/ICS) in UK primary care settings4



Screenshot for Fact sheet for IRIDIUM study

Fact sheet for the Iridium study: KERSTJENS H et al. 2020. 

Once-daily inhaled fixed dose combination (FDC) of indacaterol/glycopyrronium/mometasone (IND/GLY/MF) significantly improved lung function vs long-acting beta2-agonist/inhaled corticosteroid (LABA/ICS) FDC in patients with inadequately controlled asthma5



Screenshot for Fact sheet for PALLADIUM study

Fact sheet for the Palladium study: VAN ZYL-SMIT R et al. 2020

Once-daily inhaled fixed dose combination of indacaterol/mometasone furoate (IND/MF) provides significant improvements across key asthma outcomes vs inhaled corticosteroid monotherapy6



Indication: ENERZAIR® BREEZHALER® (indacaterol acetate/glycopyrronium bromide/mometasone furoate inhalation powder) is indicated as a maintenance treatment of asthma in adult patients not adequately controlled with a maintenance combination of a long-acting beta2-agonist and a high dose of an inhaled corticosteroid who experienced one or more asthma exacerbations in the previous year.7


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ENE20-C007 November 2020.

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