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Tafinlar (dabrafenib) + Mekinist (trametinib) in the adjuvant setting showed a long-term adverse event profile consistent with the metastatic setting1


  • 321 out of 435 patients (74%) in the combination arm completed 12 months of therapy1
  • Less than one third of the patients discontinued treatment because of an adverse event1
  • The peak onset of all AEs occurring in ≥15% of patients in the Tafinlar + Mekinist arm occurred within the first 3 months of treatment2
  • Frequencies of dose reductions or dose interruptions decreased as duration of treatment increased2

AE safety data from the COMBI-AD trial1,3

In the adjuvant treatment of patients with Stage III melanoma, following complete resection:

  • 95% of pyrexia was grade 1 or 21
  • Patients with serious non-infectious febrile events responded well to dose interruption and/or dose reduction and supportive care4

Common AEs (>20%) from the COMBI-AD trial1


AE, adverse event; SAE, serious adverse event.


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