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Tafinlar (dabrafenib) + Mekinist (trametinib) is associated with an established adverse event profile, and no new safety signals were identified at 5 years1–11

  • No new safety signals were seen at 5 years in the COMBI-v/d pooled analysis2
  • No treatment-related deaths were reported in this 5 year pooled analysis2

Adverse events observed in the combined COMBI-v/d trials3


Table showing adverse events observed in the combined COMBI-v/d trials


  • In a separate pooled analysis of the COMBI-v/d trials, adverse event incidence decreased over time in patients completing 36 months of treatment (n=50)1
  • The incidence of pyrexia more than halved from 60% at 0–6 months to 12% at 30–36 months of treatment1

Adverse event incidence rates in the combined COMBI-v/d trials1

Graph showing the adverse event incidence rates in the combined COMBI-v/d trials


Please consult Tafinlar and Mekinist SmPCs for full list of adverse events

SmPC for Tafinlar 

SmPC for Mekinist 


AE, adverse event; SmPC, Summary of Product Characteristics.


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