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A targeted and precisely delivered B-cell therapy1

Sustained B-cell depletion over the dosing period with
KESIMPTA from ASCLEPIOS I and II (pooled analysis)1,2

Reduction of B cells was seen as early as 1 week after treatment initiation2,3

Monthly dosing maintained consistent levels of B-cell depletion with a 20 mg dose1


Steady B-cell repletion upon discontinuation of KESIMPTA*1,4

Relapsing forms of MS Phase 3 clinical studies indicate a median time to B-cell recovery to LLN or baseline value of 24.6 weeks post-treatment discontinuation†1


LLN=lower limit of normal.

*Based on pharmacokinetic B-cell modelling (B cell model: an indirect response model to describe the stimulation of B-cell lysis by free ofatumumab concentrations) of B-cell counts from 1,461 patients with subcutaneous KESIMPTA administration and 25 patients with intravenous KESIMPTA administration across five pooled studies MIRROR, OMS115102, ASCLEPIOS I & II and APLIOS). Simulation is for subcutaneous route with pre-filled syringe and using Phase 3 dosing regimen.


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