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Meeting date: 16th June 2021

All job bags relate to the year 2021

Find out more about key KESIMPTA clinical trial outcomes, how to use KESIMPTA, and the real-world experience of top MS experts by listening to the soundbites or watching the videos below.


Hear top MS experts discuss key topics on RRMS and KESIMPTA by clicking on the soundbites below.




Dr Martin Duddy 
Consultant Neurologist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

Press play to hear Dr Martin Duddy talk about the potential benefits and drawbacks of high-efficacy treatment (HET) early in RRMS patients.



Dr David Paling
Consultant Neurologist, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Press play to hear Dr David Paling talk about the performance of KESIMPTA vs teriflunomide in the pivotal Phase III ASCLEPIOS trials. 






Emily Whisker
MS Nurse Specialist, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Press play to hear Emily Whisker talk about the pros and cons of patient self-administration. 



Dr Barry Singer
Consultant Neurologist, Missouri Baptist Medical Centre, St Louis, US

Press play to hear Dr Barry Singer talk about his real-world experiences with KESIMPTA in relation to injection-related reactions.






Noreen Barker
Consultant Nurse, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London

Press play to hear Noreen Barker talk about how to adequately support patients with self-administration. 



Kim Freiburg
MS Nurse, Missouri Baptist Medical Centre, St Louis, US

Press play to hear Kim Freiburg talk about her real-world experiences with the Sensoready® pen.



Click on the videos below to view presentations from top MS experts on clinical trial and real-world experience of KESIMPTA treatment in patients with early RRMS.




Treatment with KESIMPTA
Watch Kim Freiburg present real-world experience of KESIMPTA treatment including patient self-administration technique and side effect management.



Watch Dr David Paling present key efficacy and safety outcomes from the Phase III ASCLEPIOS study of KESIMPTA vs teriflunomide in patients with RRMS.





ASCLEPIOS uncovered
Watch Dr David Paling present information to support KESIMPTA treatment decision making, patient counselling and side effect management.



Real-world experience of KESIMPTA
Watch Dr Barry Singer and Dr Martin Duddy discuss real-world use of KESIMPTA including treatment decision-making, administration protocols, safety, and monitoring.





Panel discussion
Watch members of the panel answer questions on ASCLEPIOS trial outcomes, KESIMPTA efficacy and safety, monitoring, and dosing regimen.



Home treatment and patient conversations
Watch Emily Whisker and Kim Freiburg discuss how to start patients on KESIMPTA, including screening, patient support, and the practicalities of self-administration.





Beyond the basics: B cells and KESIMPTA mode of action
Watch Dr Matt Craner describe the mechanism of action of KISEMPTA in RMS and how this translates to clinical outcomes. 


MS=multiple sclerosis; RMS=relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis; RRMS=relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

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