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KesimptaConnect offers dedicated, personalised support to your patients who have been prescribed KESIMPTA®▼ (ofatumumab), and healthcare professionals throughout the KESIMPTA journey. The programme provides your patients who enrol in the programme with unique access to a wide range of services, including injection support, home deliveries, tailored information and interactive content covering wider aspects of living with RMS, as well as a dedicated, experienced nurse support team. The programme has been designed to offer personalised support in conjunction with the medical care provided by your hospital’s MS team.


KesimptaConnect consists of:

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1. KesimptaConnect Homecare: in line with the National Homecare Medicines Committee (NHMC) Pharma-funded Homecare Services guidelines, Novartis has commissioned Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare Limited, Pharmaxo Pharmacy Services Limited and Sciensus Limited to provide a homecare service for patients prescribed KESIMPTA.

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2. KesimptaConnect Nurse services: nurses who can provide virtual or face-to-face appointments with your patients to provide injection guidance and support in the first year of each patient’s treatment journey.

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3. The KesimptaConnect App:* provides a hub of information and resources to your patient.



*At this time the KesimptaConnect App is in development and will be an option when formally available under the patient support programme.

KesimptaConnect Homecare and KesimptaConnect Nurse services are provided as a package deal and the KesimptaConnect App is a patient support programme, on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.

To view the KesimptaConnect touchpoints click here  ""

There is no obligation to use all elements of this programme, designed to allow you to choose the components that best suit the needs of your patient. 

Discuss with your Novartis key account manager which elements are right for your patients and the MS services you provide.

As part of KesimptaConnect, your patients have access to a homecare service:


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The service will deliver the KESIMPTA Sensoready® pens straight to your patient’s door at a time and date that is convenient to them. 
Delivery schedule: one delivery to cover the first 4 injections and from Week 8, delivery every 3 months. 

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The Homecare suppliers have a robust prescription management system. They will proactively seek any missing prescriptions in order to ensure your patients receive their KESIMPTA at the correct time.


For ongoing deliveries from Week 8, if you or your patient prefer monthly delivery, this is also an option.

The KesimptaConnect Nurse team has experience caring for a wide range of patients with MS and have in-depth knowledge of KESIMPTA. 

Once KESIMPTA has been prescribed, the nurse team can provide self-injection support, designed to ensure that your patient is both:

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Comfortable with the self-injection technique using the Sensoready® pen

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Confident in injecting themselves at home


They will also keep you informed of your patient’s progress.   

Each KesimptaConnect Nurse can support your patients with health psychology approaches.

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The first injection of KESIMPTA should be performed under the guidance of a healthcare professional, for example, a KesimptaConnect Nurse.

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Once the decision to prescribe KESIMPTA has been made and you have registered your patient for KesimptaConnect, a KesimptaConnect Nurse will contact your patient to organise their first appointment and provide KESIMPTA Sensoready® pen injection guidance.

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This service will be provided with the needs of your patient at the forefront, and offered as either face-to-face or virtual, depending on their preference. The flexibility of this service is designed to ensure that your patient is as comfortable as possible with their new KESIMPTA Sensoready® pen.

  • The KesimptaConnect Nurse will provide support using a self-injection demonstration kit and answer any further questions your patient may have
  • At the first appointment, the KesimptaConnect Nurse will conduct personalisation screening, to understand the patient’s support needs, agree a contact schedule with the patient and arrange the next call or visit
  • The KesimptaConnect Nurse will make contact with the patient ahead of each scheduled injection for the first 12 weeks to check on confidence with self-injection and provide personalised support
  • Subsequent interactions will be determined by the patient and KesimptaConnect Nurse (as required) for up to 12 months
  • Visit summaries will be sent to you by the KesimptaConnect Nurse after each patient interaction to keep you informed of your patient’s progress
  • Injection reminders can be set up by the KesimptaConnect Nurse so that the patient is sent SMS reminders one day before and on the day their injection is due. This option will be discussed with the patient at the first appointment

The service will ensure that your patient is adequately supported until they are comfortable with their once-monthly self-administration.

Once the KesimptaConnect App is available and your patient is comfortable, they will also be supported in accessing the designated KesimptaConnect App for further ongoing support.

For more information and details on how to enrol your patients in the KesimptaConnect programme, please speak to your Novartis key account manager.

The KesimptaConnect App* will provide educational support and resources tailored to each patient, including:

  • Information on KESIMPTA to empower your patient to understand their MS and provide tools to help them manage it
  • MS management support to provide articles and interactive content on wider aspects of living with MS (e.g., managing fatigue, emotional wellbeing, keeping active, work)
  • Injection reminders and tracking will enable your patients to track when to take their injection, record when they took injections and which injection site was used

*At this time the KesimptaConnect App is in development and will be an option when formally available under the patient support programme.

KesimptaConnect checklist
Set up Sign the Overview and Offer Form with Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.
Sign the Programme Authorisation Document with IQVIA IES UK Ltd.
Sign the Service Level Agreement with your Homecare partner of choice
Once KESIMPTA has been chosen as the treatment of choice
Make your patient aware of the KesimptaConnect service and choose the elements that would be best for your patient
Homecare Register your patient for KesimptaConnect by contacting the relevant Homecare company
Injection support and nurse services Register your patient for KesimptaConnect injection support and nurse services by emailing the completed Patient registration form to [email protected]   
KesimptaConnect App (when available) Register your patient for the KesimptaConnect App by emailing the completed Patient registration form to [email protected]   

KesimptaConnect is offered as a package deal and patient support programme, developed and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited. KesimptaConnect is for NHS patients who are receiving KESIMPTA or for whom the prescribing decision has been made. A service level agreement is required for each NHS organisation participating.

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MS=multiple sclerosis; NHS=National Health Service; NHMC=national homecare medicines committee; RMS=relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.

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