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Kymriah® is indicated for the treatment of paediatric and young adult patients up to and including 25 years of age with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) that is refractory, in relapse post-transplant or in second or later relapse, and adult patients with relapsed or refractory (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) after two or more lines of systemic therapy.1

The flexibility to conveniently deliver CAR-T to more patients1

Convenient administration

Icon of infusion drip next to text:  Simple, one-time intravenous infusion;

Simple, one-time intravenous infusion1

Inpatient or outpatient administration*1

In the US CAR T-Cell Consortium data, 63% of patients were infused in the outpatient setting2


Lower resource utilisation vs other CAR-T therapies

 icon of screwdriver and spanner next to text: Less pressure on healthcare resources;

Less pressure on healthcare resources:2–5

  • e.g. ICU usage rate, reduced duration of hospital stay, option to infuse in the outpatient setting

Flexibility of cryopreservation

icon of calendar next to text: The only approved CAR-T to allow for onsite cryopreservation, enabling;

The only approved CAR-T to allow for onsite cryopreservation, enabling:6,7


icon showing '30 months storage' next to text: Early apheresis;

Early apheresis6

Material can be collected & stored at a time that is best for the patient


Icon showing '10 day window' next to text:  Flexible scheduling.

Flexible scheduling7

Frozen final product allows for flexible treatment scheduling if delays occur in shipping process (patient availability, weather, border controls, etc.) 


*Patients should be instructed to remain within proximity (within 1 hour travel time as per NHS England guidance) of a qualified clinical facility for at least 4 weeks following infusion.

CAR-T, chimeric antigen receptors cell therapy; ICU, intensive care unit; NHS, National Health Service.


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