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This website is intended for healthcare professionals. Please do not direct patients to this page.

These resources have been developed by Novartis and are intended for healthcare professionals, to help you get the most out of treating with JAKAVI®.

Preview image: Real-world treatment evidence PDF

Real-world treatment evidence

Real-world insights and findings from a UK physician survey on the use of the BSH guidelines for the diagnosis and management of MF

Download GB version

Download NI version

Preview Image: Jakavi®  dosing timeline

JAKAVI® dosing timeline

A JAKAVI® treatment timeline that can be used during your patient consultations

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Preview Image: MF risk stratification with IPSS, DIPSS and DIPSS Plus PDF

MF risk stratification with IPSS, DIPSS and DIPSS Plus

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For full product information, please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics.


These resources have been developed by Novartis and are intended for patients who have been diagnosed with an MPN. These resources will help give patients the confidence and knowledge to discuss their disease and track symptoms effectively. Information provided in these resources should not be considered an alternative to advice from a healthcare professional.

Preview image: MPN10 Patient Brochure

MPN10 Patient Brochure

A brochure specifically designed to help MPN patients record how their symptoms change over time


MPN10 Tracker website

MPN10 Tracker website

An online tool where patients can record and track changes in symptoms over time



Video: A guide to tracking MPN symptoms with Prof. Claire Harrison


Preview image: Patient Symptom Guide

Patient Symptom Guide

A guide to help patients identify and better understand symptoms related to their disease


Preview image: Understanding MPNs: A Guide Infographic

Understanding MPNs: A Guide

An infographic that explains disease facts and medical terms that patients might encounter during or after diagnosis


Preview image: MPN Patient Resource webpage

MPN Patient Resource webpage

An online hub where patients can download all of these resources and learn more about their disease



JAKAVI® is indicated for the treatment of disease-related splenomegaly or symptoms in adult patients with primary myelofibrosis (also known as chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis), post polycythaemia vera myelofibrosis or post essential thrombocythaemia myelofibrosis. JAKAVI® is also indicated for adult patients with polycythaemia vera who are resistant to or intolerant of hydroxyurea.1

BSH, British Society for Haematology; DIPSS, Dynamic International Prostate Symptom Score; GB, Great Britain; HCP, healthcare professional; IPSS, International Prostate Symptom Score; MF, myelofibrosis; MPN, myeloproliferative neoplasm; NI, Northern Ireland.

  1. Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. JAKAVI® summary of product characteristics.
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