The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Data Atlas is an interactive resource that has been developed in recognition of the current lack of available data in MS and neurology more broadly at both a national and Integrated Care System (ICS) level. 

This resource is therefore intended to support ICS commissioner's understanding of their local MS prevalence in order to inform population health management approaches and risk stratification of MS patients. Workforce data is similarly intended to provide a picture of current capacity against MS population figures and recommended caseloads, in order to identify potential gaps and areas for improvement. 

Please note that the data included in this resource is largely projection-based and has been developed in the absence of real-world data. As such, it is recommended that the data are recognised as guiding estimates. Should individual Integrated Care Systems have more accurate data for their local area, it is suggested that it should supersede the data contained here. In the absence of actual real- world data, it is hoped that this Atlas will provide guiding estimates and projections of MS prevalence, local capacity and workforce levels, in order to support service planning and design.

ICS, Integrated Care System; MS, multiple sclerosis 

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UK | October 2022 | 244292

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